Developing ideas into songs

Our task is to capture the individual sound of musicians or bands and to realize your sound ideas together with you. This requires both, sound engineering know-how and the creation of a pleasant atmosphere for the artists in which the music can develop and evolve.

We specialize in the styles of rock, blues and singer-songwriters, largely influenced by our own musical tastes. Of course, transitions between individual musical styles are often fluid.

This playlist contains some of the songs, we were involved in production and or post-production.


One of the studio's musical focuses is rock music with its diverse guitar sounds, powerful drum kits and driving basses and the wide range of vocals for ballads to epic hard rock numbers. Let us convince you of our "front-end" approach and record your songs directly in reference quality. Our many years of experience in the field of rock music is also the ideal basis for the post-production of your music, both in mixing and mastering.


As an ancestor of rock music, the blues is another cornerstone of our musical work. In addition to all kinds of blues guitars, we can of course also record other blues instruments such as saxophone, harmonica and others, as well as your voice. Everything is possible, from genuine vintage sound to ultra-modern productions. Of course, we also offer the appropriate post-production in the form of mixing and mastering.

Singer Songwriter

Telling a story through a song with clear means automatically places the focus on the artists and their instrument. In order to faithfully reproduce the singer-songwriter genre, you need the right atmosphere. It can therefore make sense to record under the conditions of a live performance in the studio. For example, recording vocals and guitar as well as any other instruments in parallel - "live" - in order to capture the music as realistically as possible. Of course, this is only one way of capturing the music of this genre.

Service Leistungen


A relaxed atmosphere, many years of experience and high-quality equipment form the basis for an optimal recording. This is where the course is set for your sound and a high-quality production.


A good mix is based on an optimal recording and necessary for a top-class master. In mixing, we bring the audio tracks together and work out your individual sound.


Mastering is more than just adding loudness. In our studio, we can put the finishing touches to your mixes with stereo, stem and M/S mastering.

Instead of an "analog character", we give your songs a real analog sound - dynamic, powerful and transparent.


The complete package, in which we accompany you through the individual production steps from the preparation of the recording to the finished product.


Clean, tidy audio tracks are a precondition for optimum post-productions. If you don't want to do this step yourself, please contact us.

Audio restoration

Is your recording suffering from noise such as crackling, hissing, clicks or too much reverb? In many cases, such problems can be eliminated with special repair and restoration software.


  • Mr. Gregg
    Singer & Songwriter

    Wayford West

  • Plainride

    Bob Vogston
    Producer & Musician

  • Mr. Gregg
    Singer & Songwriter

  • Wayford West

  • Plainride

  • Bob Vogston
    Producer & Musician


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