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During my education as a technical sound engineer and mastering engineer in Cologne (2014 - 2017), I developed a concept for my own studio. Parallel to my sound engineering training, I also completed a training course in voice acting and dubbing, which enabled me to accompany voice projects beyond the sound engineering aspect.

I have been working in my studio since 2017, which I designed according to my own ideas and have been building up ever since. A quiet environment is extremely important to me when working in the studio. The rural location in the immediate vicinity of the Siebengebirge offers me the necessary conditions to be able to optimally implement customer projects in the areas of music and speech.

As a guitarist, I am at home in the rock, blues & singer songwriter styles of music i.e. "handmade" music. Of course, my musical interests are not limited exclusively to these areas, but I can offer comprehensive expertise in this field. Working with talented musicians and being involved in the process of creating new songs is always something special for me.

In recent years, I have been involved in various projects with musicians such as Mr. Gregg, Charly Härtel and Leo Asal as well as bands such as Wayford West, Plainride and Bermooda. My work ranges from recording various instruments and vocals to post-production in the form of mixing and mastering for individual songs, EPs and albums.

During this time, I have also been involved in the realization of a large number of voice productions in the form of audio books, voice-overs for commercial clips and image films as well as podcast productions. My clients include companies such as TrueFruits, publishers such as The Pioneer, authors and voice-over artists.

In addition to the sound engineering work steps, from recording to mastering, I am able to work out texts in detail on my own, together with clients or with speakers with regard to relevant criteria such as formulation, dramaturgy, response, emphasis and pronunciation. I am particularly fascinated by the maximum precision in the interaction of voice and language, which evokes the intended emotion in the listener and gives them a unique listening experience.

I look forward to accompanying your project!

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